Program Contents

What is included in this Beginner Program?

  • Fundamental + Beginner Technical Program

    Taking a beginners course on forex trading is essential if you want to learn more about this dynamic market before diving right into it head first without any knowledge or understanding whatsoever! Not only will it help teach you the basics but it will also provide valuable insight into risk management strategies and common indicators used by successful traders so that you too can become an expert trader with time and dedication towards learning more about this field! With the right knowledge under your belt, there’s no telling what heights your investments could reach! So why wait? Sign up now!

Course curriculum

    1. Intro - broker and platforms

    2. starting pairs

    3. position sizing and pips

    4. Risk Management

    5. orders

    6. setting up your charts

    7. Timeframes - Market sessions

    1. what is a candlestick

    2. candlestick patterns

    3. Support resitance slide only

    4. moving averages

    5. Fib levels

    6. market structure

    1. News and how to trade it

    1. Moving Average strategy

    2. break and retest strategy

    1. Recourses and Affiliate links

    1. disclaimer

About this course

  • 18 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content